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About Jeff Scott 

Scott's contemporary artworks have been exhibited at The Andy Warhol Museum, The Dallas Museum of Art, The Brooks Museum of Art, The Sundance Film Festival, Graceland, Ralph Lauren and The National Trust for Historic Preservation. Scott has had numerous solo exhibitions across the United States. His works are featured in the Permanent Collections of The Dallas Museum of Art, Ralph Lauren, Elvis Presley Enterprises, President Bill Clinton, Art Historian E.A. Carmean Jr, The Smithsonian Institution, Disney and The National Trust For Historic Preservation,. Art historian, author, museum director and curator, E.A Carmean, Jr., a collector of Scott's groundbreaking works,  wrote the foreword to Scott's 2006 book, Elvis: The Personal Archives ( Channel Photographics ). Scott has published three more acclaimed Photographic books, entitled Notes From A Kitchen: A Journey Into Culinary Obsession, which have earned Scott the prestigious 2012 James Beard Foundation Award. 

For acquisition and for commissioned works please contact the artist at or 214.908.0295